Apr 8, 2012

Bank Syariah Mandiri Recruitment

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bank syariah mandiri
Bank Syariah Mandiri has a master plan for the training of human resources has always forged with intensive exercises to be prepared. If there are products in a conventional bank, God willing, we at Bank Syariah Mandiri will also mem-Provide always that we will not miss with conventional banks. Bank Syariah Mandiri was established by the rules of Islamic law based on the agreement between the bank and other parties. Customer proximity will be balanced with openness in sharia-compliant services BSM products, modern, and universal. A number of bank performance ever achieved by embracing the principles of justice, equality, and peace is. Of whom had received the title of Bank Indonesia Sehat Bank, Bank of Very Good for three consecutive years Infobank version of the Award, Ten Best Bank asset categories 1 to Rp 10 trillion Investor Magazine.

Banking services and online real time at 91 branch offices spread across 19 provinces in Indonesia just to make an effort to grab the title as a trusted Islamic banks. BSM President Nurdin Hasibuan explained, BSM has a nine-tech products. Among the SMS Banking, Haji Integrated Computerized Systems (Siskohat) are online with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, and Intercity local clearing or clearing, and Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).

Five years is not exactly long in the banking world. Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) to know exactly that. Although already become the largest Islamic bank with the largest network in the country, BSM still continue to realize its vision to become the trusted choice of Islamic banks business partners. BSM was founded with the basic rules of Islamic law based on the agreement between the bank and other parties. Mainly concerned with the storage and funds or financing activities or other activities in accordance with sharia.

BSM had set as Islamic banks with the most rapid growth and the Best Customer Satisfaction Karim Business Consulting, Capital Magazine survey and Karim Business Consulting. in search of clients, implementing BSM does not differentiate the equation or a person based on race, religion, class, and race. Evidently, according to Nurdin Hasibuan, a BSM customers are from non-Muslims. We invited professional young candidate to join us to be positioned as :
Micro Analyst Assistant (AAM)
Closing date, june 22, 2012

  • All Department of Education minimum S1.
  • Experience in banking and has occupied Level equivalent minimumof 2 years as a unit manager or supervisor account officer in chargeof micro financing in commercial banks / rural banks.
  • Have verbal communication skills as well.
  • A maximum of 30 years of age.

  • Responsible for achieving the target micro-finance outlets Cafes
  • As the supervision of employees in the Public outlet Micro
  • Monitoring of existing customer financing
  • Conduct training and development to employees at the outlet MicroShop
  • Helped make the completion of financing problems at the outletMicro Shop
Apply your application by following the link below :

Recruitment for Bank Bukopin, Panin Bank here!!! 

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