Mar 23, 2012

Bank Bukopin Recruitment on May

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bank bukopin recruitment
Bank Bukopin stood on July 10, 1970 focusing on UMKMK segment,while it has grown and evolved into a bank that went into the middlebank by assets in Indonesia. Bukopin operations are now supported by more than 280 offices in 22 provinces acrossIndonesia that are connected in real time on-line. Bukopin also has built a network of micro-banking, named "Swamitra", now numbering 543 outlets, as a form of cooperative programs andpartnerships with microfinance institutions.

Along with opening up the opportunity and capacity to serve the needs of the wider community our bank has developed its businessinto commercial and consumer segments. This is the third segment of business pillars Bukopin, with conventional and Islamic services, backed by optimal management of the system, reliability of information technology, human resource competencies andpractices of good corporate governance. This foundation allowsBukopin stepped forward and put him as a credible bank.

Implementation of the strategy is aimed at ensuring the fulfillment ofa comprehensive banking services to customers through a network connected nationally and internationally, a diverse product andservice quality to a high standard. Overall activities and programs carried out in the end led to the creation of the target imageBukopin as a trusted banking institution with a solid financial structure, healthy and efficient.

The success of building trust will be able to make Bukopin still growin a sustainable manner to give the best results. With the strongercapital structure as a result of the implementation of the Initial PublicOffering (IPO) in July 2006, our bank continues to develop its operational program by applying the appropriate priority short-termstrategy has been prepared carefully. In this situation we open career opportunities to fill position as : 

IT Manager of Consumer Business
Medan (Sumatera Utara)
closing date, june 22 2012

  • Minimum Education: S1, majoring in Information Technology
  • Knowledge of Banking
  • Database System Concepts
  • Programming Language
  • Applied IT
  • IT Security
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Managerial / Leadership
  • Analysis and Decision Making
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communications
  • Negotiations
  • Experience in developing application systems, for a minimum of 3years, and one year of which has led the IT project
If you meet the qualification send your cv by following the link below :

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